Haji Investments

Investment Criteria

We are looking to partner with ambitious, rapidly growing firms where we can add value through relevant, specialist knowledge and connections. If there is a technological aspect t­o your business, we will be pleased to hear from you, and if does not quite fit what we are looking for, we will let you know. Specific areas of focus and expertise are explained below.

Sector Focus

Healthcare Technologies such as medical devices; diagnostics; drug delivery; specialty pharma; life science research tools and other enabling technologies. In general we do not fund small molecule drug discovery, but we look at every opportunity on a case-by-case basis and do not rule it out.

Information and Communications Technologies including mobile and other telecommunications technologies, consumer internet, enterprise software and enabling technologies for these areas.

Sustainability Technologies and Physical Sciences such as materials science; advanced engineering (e.g. metrology); water and air technologies; waste management; clean energy; energy efficiency, agricultural technologies. Many businesses involved in “sustainability” or “cleantech” bring together several distinct areas of technology and we see it as one of our core strengths that we are able to analyse and add value to opportunities building on the convergence of diverse scientific fields.

Stage Focus

We aim to construct a stage-neutral portfolio for our investors. As a result, we make investments from seed stage through Series A, B and pre-IPO.

Funding Amounts

Typical investment rounds of interest are in the range from £5000 to £2 million. A typical quantum for haji investments as an initial investment is £50,000 to £250,000 and we would expect to follow this money with further investments in subsequent funding rounds.

Deal Syndication

We see it as an advantage to partner with other institutional investors. This brings many benefits beyond simply putting more cash on the table, as it enables an investee company to benefit from considerably more expertise across diverse fields.

Board representation

We expect to join a company’s Board of Directors where we feel we have something to add. It is unlikely that we will invest in a company where we feel we cannot add value. In all cases we expect the highest standards of investor reporting and corporate governance.

Haji Investments

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