Haji Trading

Haji Trading is an international trading division of Haji. Founded in 1955, Haji is a privately held company. Haji Trading is a marketer of food agricultural, financial and industrial products and services.

Commodity trading & processing

We connect producers and users of grain, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities through origination, processing, marketing and distribution capabilities and services.

Grains & Oilseeds

We operate on an integrated global basis to source, process, transport and distribute grain and oilseeds around the world. The main bulk products we handle are wheat, corn, oilseeds, barley and sorghum, as well as vegetable oils and meals. We have developed significant expertise in handling identity preserved and differentiated products that sustain their distinctiveness in overseas markets. Because we charter millions of metric tons of dry bulk tonnage, we have the logistical flexibility and opportunity to leverage efficiencies in the supply chain.


Haji has expertise via strategic partners in trading and managing risk in power, natural gas, coal, emissions/carbon and petroleum markets, as well as trading in a wide array of related derivatives and structured products.


Haji also trades in multiple ferrous product lines globally through locations on four continents through strategic partners

Haji Trading

Address: 42 - 48 Tweedale Street, Rochdale, Lancs, OL11 1HH
Tel: 01706 645 082
E-mail: ss@haji.co.uk